About a Modestly Obnoxious Serb

IMG_9579 (2)

White; therefore unable to dance. Dysfunctionally awkward; therefore unable to properly pose.

I honestly have no idea what exactly I will be posting on this. Could be poems, pictures, random musings, comics…you get the deal. If you don’t mind following my brain cell along, are okay with odd posting schedules, and being associated with una chica with a queer sense of humour, please come along. I promise it may not be that bad. If you think otherwise, remember that I said “may not be that bad.” MAY. On that note, have a fantabulous day 😉


Disclaimer: All photographs on this blog are mine unless otherwise stated.


5 thoughts on “About a Modestly Obnoxious Serb

  1. I already think you are wonderful…funny, creative, think outside the box, interesting, and fun. So glad you “liked” my comment, for it brought you to my attention, My name is Truly, by the way….so great to meet you 🙂

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