To Them

To the day that poured.

To the day that drenched.

To the souls who mourned.

To the souls that went.

To the people that loved.

To the people wrecked.

To the one we called brother.

To the one who already left.

The amount of loss that my family has gone through these past few years has been more than enough. But despite all that has already happened…we found out that my brother, his friend, and their driver were killed in a horrific car accident in Croatia. There were no bodies to be found. Just body parts.

The day of the funeral, it poured, soaked, and drenched everyone to their bones. Over a 1000 people came for my brother yesterday. They stayed through the torrential rain and supported my family over there. I could not be more thankful.



One thought on “To Them

  1. As I am about to get ready for work, I’m so grateful to be led to your post (I was randomly reading an old one of mine and saw your amazing comment). I can’t tell you how sorry I am for your loss…and how relieved that so many value and honored your brother and family. I’m sending you light and love ❤

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