Our House With No Name

We built a house with no name.

No roof o’er our heads to keep from the rain.

Tangled in a mess, the walls fell away

As you brushed aside the wind of change.

Surviving the wolf that blew down our doors,

Exposing a hell that rotted the core

The windows flew open, hot air seeped in

Blowing the ashes of a fire deep skinned.

The flesh on our bones burned down to our soles,

We climbed out the house in sackcloth and lore

Wishing to be a home no more;

Tearing the red that tied hope to the floor.

Listening to words straight arrow and true,

I couldn’t stand the mere sight of you

Throwing love to the swine, as pearls oft do,

Walked out of a time without home known as you.



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