The Sunshine Blogger Award


As much as I don’t believe to be deserving of this since I tend to post here only twice a month, thank you to Nobody Musings not only for the nomination, but for being a cleverly witty madman. Please do check out his writings.

The Rules:

  • Thank the one who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from your nominator.
  • Nominate fellow bloggers that you follow.
  • Provide ten questions for them to answer.

The Questions:

1. Are you a coffee or a tea drinker? 

Tea all the way. It is my lifeline and my blood. I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with it seeing that an entire shelf in my mother’s pantry is dedicated to holding my tea collection, and even that is proving to not be enough room.

2. Where is one place in the world you would want to visit?

That would definitely be Japan. Where? It doesn’t matter. Throw me in the countryside for all I care. The culture and the language fascinate me. I hope to live there one day.

3. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

This may sound a bit lame and cliche, but just by being who I am has led me to a variety of…interesting experiences. I am more outgoing than many like to think I am. One of my best moments has been when my mother and I were stuck in Switzerland for two days and I dragged her along with me on a wandering adventure across Winterthur. Wandering is my nature. I’m in no way sorry for that even though I often get lost in more ways than one.

4. What has been your favourite vacation destination and why?

Home. Being at home is a vacation for me. Free room and board, not to mention parents that will take care of me when I get sick. Lame? Not at all. Practical? Maybe a bit too practical.

5. Do you believe in love at first site?

Ah, this I have to say yes to, as embarrassing as it is to admit. It’s very complicated how it happened for me, and I will also say that in my case it didn’t work out, but thankfully it’s only been once. My parents on the other hand; mum fell in love with my father at first site and boom. Marriage and babies. I’m alive because of it.

6. What’s your favourite movie?

May I say more than one? Yes? Perfect.

  • Spirited Away
  • Princess Bride
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • The Illusionist
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Good Will Hunting
  • Kill Bill
  • Unforgiven
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • The Help

And the list can go on and on.

7. Do you collect anything?

Yes, perhaps too many things on that note. It runs in the family. My most notable would be my extensive amounts of books, the coins that I inherited, tea, and stamps.

8. What is something you are looking forward to this very moment?

To eat another lunch. I am honestly very hungry right now.

9. Out of your posts, which one is your favourite and why?

Mmm…I don’t know. Possibly Flying High. That one in particular describes an ethereal experience of a mundane event. I was happy that I actually wrote and posted it because it’s a glimpse into how idealistic and grandiose my own thoughts can be.

10. What is one of your pet peeves?

When someone gets me to trust them enough to lend a book to them and it either never gets returned or is returned in ruins. I believe that if someone can’t even take care of something that isn’t their’s, especially when it’s a book, it shows a major part of their character.

I would like to nominate Frank Solanki for this award. He is brilliant with his words and has moved my heart more than I ever thought it could be through poetry. A lovely genius paired with a lovely soul.



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