Flying High

Even above the highest mountains and the seven seas, there lies a whole other world filled with hues of gray as you break through the infinite smoke; peaks brighter and higher than you could have ever dreamed to exist. Each is more glorious than the next, screaming out the name of its Maker. From it we see alligators snapping down on their prey and Mount Fuji remade, astonishingly alike. As you fall deeper and deeper into a trance of the dance of the heavens you soar above, a blanket of shadows covers your being and leaves you in awe because the human imagination only goes so far, failing to think that there was something loftier than what you had already seen.

Your insides ride in zero gravity as they float up and down wherever the glittering mass coasts. Rocks are still hit no matter how skilled the pilot. The gut jumps up, warning you of the possible dangers to come; but you embrace it. Embrace the danger. Embrace the risk. Embrace everything your body tells you, “Watch out!” for and the adrenaline flowing through your veins to turn it all into a calm, freeing you to take in and be amazed by the wonders that are hidden above.

Looking down at the earth below, it hits you: just how small is the world? What of the stars above? The thoughts keep swirling around and about. Before you know it you’ve hit the ground, jolting awake from the stupor that the castles in the sky put you in. Looking around, several others catch your eye wondering where the alarm sparking in your eyes came from. Did they not witness majesty? Did they not hear the roar of splendour? Slowly, you shuffle out of the seat ridden by thousands before you, puzzled by humanity and leaving the plane questioning if your own bewilderment was taken as prejudice.



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