New Definition: Retirement

Retirement (n):

A suspended state of reality and being that was never meant to be.



When was the last time you sat down and thought about what it really means to be retired? What about thinking about retiring only because you’ve reached a certain age and that’s the cultural norm in society, but you are still perfectly capable of continuing life as you have? What is retirement-putting aside any work you have been doing to finally take the time to enjoy life. Why do you need to wait until retirement to enjoy life? Can’t you do that while you are still working and while you still have the energy? Why is Northern American culture so infatuated with the idea that after you fulfill that 401k goal, retirement will be the capstone of your life? If you do end up achieving the American dream and obtain that car, huge house and property along with a couple of kids you procreated in your supposedly happy marriage, is that really happiness? Sure financial stability is a factor in happiness and quality of life, especially in North America, but is it the be-all-end-all of things? I believe not. It seems like everyone pushes for retirement because they view life as being so finite that they cannot imagine anything beyond themselves and the world around them. I personally do not believe in retirement. I will work until my bones literally cannot hold themselves together for I was not created to sit still. The greatest regret in my life will be profoundly simple-becoming content with doing nothing.



One thought on “New Definition: Retirement

  1. I think these days retirement shouldn’t be something people strive for all their life. I mean, if you love what you do, why retire? To me, I think the goal of life is to find out what you want to do, do it, and keep finding more things that you love doing. And honestly, that something might be doing nothing for some people. I think that it’ll work as long as you are intentionally choosing to do whatever you want to do and are happy doing it.

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