Fears of Starting a Blog

Throughout the course of my life, I have contemplated about starting a blog multiple times. It sounds like such a great thing to do with your spare time. You can write whatever want, post whenever you want, and people will eventually flock to your writing because you are such a thought-provoking genius. Sounds good, right?

Well, as many of us know, that’s not really the case. There are a several things you need to seriously think about before diving into a blog and they are initially what prevented me from starting.

So, here are my three greatest fears of starting a blog.

  • The content you create may be complete rubbish.

Sometimes you may not realise that what you have created may have been accidentally plagiarised or it’s content that isn’t worth anyone’s time. That’s a bit intimidating considering the time and effort a seemingly decent post requires.

“But since you’re writing a blog, shouldn’t you be writing for yourself and not worry about what other people will say?” you may ask. Yes, that is very true. Even writing this bizarre introduction to my blog is meant for myself as a means of finally starting to execute the ideas that I want to communicate with anyone who is willing to read. At the same time, I want anyone who reads to say, “Hey, even though I may not agree with what she is saying or think she is a complete weirdo, this was well written and I appreciate that. Maybe I should stick around for more…” You know, because I am such a thought-provoking genius.

  • Having a great start and a good momentum going, but quickly becoming too “busy” to continue.

When someone drops a project or plan they were going to carry out anywhere from the next day to the next month they start makes me cringe. Honestly, why begin anything if you are just going to either forget about it or never pull through with it?  I can only pray and hope that I won’t make myself cringe in a couple of months to catch if I’ve opened my own Pandora’s box.

  • The dreaded first post.

What is the appropriate way to launch yourself into the fantastically dark, unicorn-filled world we call the internet? Even when you do manage to throw something together that introduces your person and what little light you hope to shed in this world, how will it be received and what kind of people gravitate towards your personality? It’s all about how you present yourself and I think it’s okay to be hesitant to put your thoughts out into the world, but not to the point where you end up staying in a Koopa shell for the rest of your life.

In the end…I honestly can’t promise consistent uploads nor can I guarantee that you will leave my page with any food for thought or a good laugh. Some posts may be pretentious, idealistic, and even downright annoying to read but nonetheless, welcome to the life and thoughts of a Modestly Obnoxious Serb.


6 thoughts on “Fears of Starting a Blog

  1. I like how you write. Interestingly enough, I started my blog around the same time you posted this, so I’m fairly new to the game myself. I wrote something along similar lines on my own blog (Heroes, and Writing in the (2nd) Wind: https://nobodymusings.wordpress.com/2016/04/03/heroes-and-writing-in-the-2nd-wind/) which you may resonate with.

    I’d say you definitely aren’t alone in these feelings, and I can see from your more recent posts you have a creative mind some people can really appreciate. I would advise that you post updates for your posts on Community Pool (where I found you) when you publish posts to make sure people give you a visit. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

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